Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Country Road

After returning to our home called the Comfort Inn Nashville, ordering Domino’s Pizza to our room, sleeping off our time in Bonnaroo, we awoke reasonably refreshed and only slightly wishing that we could sleep in a few more days I mean hours. We skipped breakfast (well we knew this time what we would be getting) and headed to pick up our car from the Airport.

We had originally ordered a Dodge Calibre, but when we arrived at the desk the guy asked us where we had come from and when we told him Israel, he said, “Welcome! We are brothers! I come from Egypt” and proceeded to offer us any car we wanted for the same price as the Dodge Calibre (the cheapest option). 15 minutes later we were cruising up the Interstate in our big black Chrysler. I have never driven anything so big… erm ok.

Anyway off we set on our tour of the backcountry.

It was not a short drive, but there was plenty to see along the way. In essence it looked a little bit like the English countryside, although as is typically American they got to do it bigger and better! Seriously. Although once we got off Route 40 and headed via Route 441 through Gatlinburg towards the Great Smoky Mountains we were in for a shock. Amongst all this beautiful natural scenery, they (“who have to do everything bigger and better” and tragically go too far) decided to build a miniature Disneyland. No I am not talking about Dollywood, which is close by, and I am secretly a little disappointed we missed (ok no not really… ok a little bit… ok I am over it). No this was what I can only describe as Walt Disney flew over the Great Smoky Mountains and threw up a bit on the way back down to Disney World Florida. The roads looked fake. The people were all tourists or just fake. Roller coasters lined the road along with the most about of sweet stores I have ever seen in one area other than a fairground!

Once though and safely back into the real world, we found a campground for the night, pitched our tent and settled to sleep.

Only one issue I am finding here is that none of the locals can understand me. Now I have been told in the past that my accent is that of a CNN news presenter. Universally understood by all, but it would appear that the yokels here cannot understand a word I am saying and so the Israeli is having to translate what I say to them! Very demoralising… Home of the brave! Yeah whatever!! Kiss my… “She said thanks and have a nice day.”

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IsraLuv said...

you are in the region of brothers and sisters marrying and reproducing. of course they cant understand you - they have never left the mountains.. big pimping mama in the black Chrysler.. just dont blast hip hop unless you want to see the KKK come out in full force :)