Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wrong Number... asshole!

For the last week and a half I have had the great displeasure of repeat phone calls from a man. Now I do not want to imply that this man is my stalker, nor to I want to imply that I encourage him in any way to continue to call me by striking up a conversation or asking how his day has been. To the contrary I make it very clear to the man what an irritant he is to my life and how I wish he would learn to input numbers correctly and thereby remove himself from the bubble of my universe forever.

The phone rings again and I see the same number that I have seen flashing up on my phone for days and even though I have a rule not to answer numbers I do not recognise, I have seen this number come up several times before and have a voicemail message on my phone from a very agitated man looking for Amit.

Channahboo: Hello
Man: Hello can I speak to Amit (in Hebrew)
Channahboo: No. Again, this is not Amit.
Man: Oh I have no idea how I keep calling your number by mistake
Channahboo: Perhaps Amit gave you the wrong number deliberately so you would annoy me instead of him
Man: But there are times when I have called this number and got through to Amit
Channahboo: You see that would be a lie sir, because if you actually dialled in Amit's number every time then you would only ever get through to Amit, but you don't do you... several times a day you call me instead.
Man: There must be something wrong with the phone
Channahboo: Now if you were using speed dial to call Amit then I would agree with you, but I think that we both know that is not true now don't we.
Man: I am so sorry this will not happen again
Channahboo: Oh I live in hope!