Wednesday, June 11, 2008

25 hours

When we booked the flight, went through all the transfers we had to go through to get here, I never stopped to think how long it would take in total... 25 hours. 25 hours of my life spent on planes and in airport terminals and the irony is that only in the first 5 minutes we both giddily spoke about how much we loved flying, "I love everything about it! I would say it is my favourite part of the holiday!" Well after 25 hours travelling I would now have to say that it is a very overrated experience.

Yet, arriving into Nashville airport where the announcements are read by local celebrities who are so proud to be from Nashville, and a branch of Tootsies bar seems to sprawl itself out into the hallway with its live band strumming a country tune, there was this feeling of excitement that surged through me. This was not Israel, not England, not like anywhere I had been before. This was new and suddenly and probably for the first time I can remember I was looking forward, instead of being ashamed, at being a tourist. I have been perfecting my 'cutest' English accent ever since... Do you by any chance know where I might procure some tea? Thank you.

After checking into our motel, checking out the local pharmacy that seriously contains everything a person needs to live, and filling our bellies full of truly junkilicious junk food, we headed to bed and were gladly horizontal for the first time in 25 hours.

There are somethings I am not a fan of in the USA, I am sure I will list these many times along this trip, but I am definitely a fan of the bed in our room! So big I have no idea who I am sleeping next to and with the most comfortable pillows ever! Seriously I am not sure I want to leave this room... the only down side is the stench of smoke that lingers up from the carpet. Note to future Channah: Next time you book a motel room ask for non-smoking.

Waking up in the morning I was so gutted to find no breakfast would be served in bed, and then going downstairs to find eggs, something that resembled rubber that was apparently meat, waffles and lots and lots of bread was somewhat of a disappointment. I know, I was warned. Tennessee is not known for its great choice in fruit and non fried vegetables. So while we ate I closed my eyes and pretended for a moment that I was eating breakfast in an Israeli hotel with choices of salads and fish and 5 different types of eggs and a decent cup of coffee. I then opened my eyes swallowed my eggs on toast and smiled.

Our motel is situated about half an hour bus ride from Downtown Nashville. Probably less, but that was how long the friendliest bus driver in the world took to get there. Having no idea where we're going and relying souly on the Lonely Planet guide book, we decided that while in Nashville we should check out some sites and found ourselves walking towards the Country Music Hall of Fame. We thought it might be a cool thing to do for half an hour, but 2 hours later we came out fully educated in the origins of all that is Country and humming Dolly Parton's Jolene.

Just a piece of trivia to leave you with. Jolene was actually written by Dolly after a signing where a little 8 year old girl came to Dolly to have her sign the book/ CD she had. The little girl had beautiful red hair, green eyes and freckled skin and by Dolly's account was the most beautiful little thing she had ever seen. When Dolly asked the girl her name she said "My name is Jolene". "What a beautiful name," said Dolly,"Your dad must be called Joe so you're name after him?" and the little girl said, "No. I am just Jolene". Dolly thought the name was so beautiful that she decided then and there to write a song with the name as the title and told the girl that if she ever heard a song with the name in it she would know the song was written for her. Dolly told this story and at the end admitted with some regret in her voice, that she had never heard of anyone coming forward as the Jolene the song was written about. I feel your pain Dolly. I would like to see the girl with 'flaming locks of auburn hair and ivory skin and eyes of emerald green.'

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