Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Stupid Girl

Watching the TV I see that the world has become obsessed with the idea of the ‘stupid girl’… and it is no wonder, with all the reality TV shows that are around at the moment, the only thing that makes these shows someway entertaining is the token girl making a total fool of herself. Remember Helen Adams (BB2 Runner Up) and Jade Goody from Big Brother. Turn on MTV and you have a choice of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie in the Simple Life or the abhorrent Tara Reid in Wild on Tara (I make no comments). And the list goes on… as seen in Pink’s “Stupid Girl” clip where she makes fun of some of our most famous and favoured stupid girls.

I personally cannot watch any of the above. There is too much of an urge in me to shake the girls in the hope that the action may cause some kind of friction among the cells and ignite their brains to regain normal working order. Not likely, but a feign hope that I have!

This week I had the privilege… or however you look at it… to spend some time with one of these stupid girls. Despite suggestions, it had nothing to do with her being American, although it did not help her much. No this girl despite being young and inexperienced and very American was just plain dumb! However, it did make for some serious entertainment in my office:

I don’t hurt them I just hit them (referring to shooting Deer in her backyard in N. California)

SG: Yeah my boyfriend made me eat a whole bowl of hummus
ME: Well they do say that humous is the reason that Israeli women have the largest breasts in the region.
SG: Oh! Maybe that’s why he made me eat it!

I don’t chew gum. I eat the whole pack

SG: I have a job on the beach
ME: But you are only here on holiday! Aren’t you going home tomorrow
SG: Yeah but I like to keep myself busy so asked the guy on the beach for a job and he got me to clean all the deck chairs.
ME: So how much you get paid?
SG: Oh he never paid me!

Is that a cucumber? (pointing at a large round avocado)

I have great judgement... I can spot a two faced person straight away! (was that before or after you noticed everyone laughing at you as opposed to with you)

Work has never been so entertaining!
Please send me any more Stupid Girl comments you have!


IsraLuv said...

you think those conversations were stupid? check out this site... best overheard conversations EVAH

Anonymous said...

"I know that sex is better for a woman than a man because when you pick your ear with you little finger it doesn't make your finger feel as good as your ear"

Ranting said...

I agree with you about the stupid girl bit. I do find Pink's video entertaining. I have looked at other blogs with "stupid girl" in the title & most of "those girls" seem to be irritated about the video pokeing fun at the hollywood elite. I just don't know...none of them seem to get the actual point of her song!