Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lock Out

It feels like we are having every kinda “out” in our apartment. Read back and remember the Black out… ah that was fun! Nooman and Hugh have long been hoping for the Coming Out… (Never gonna happen boys!) Well last night I had to deal with the Lock out… Yes I was locked out of my flat. No, it was not my fault, and no it has nothing to do with having or not having a spare key… although Lev when we do get one cut you will be the first to get it (and probably lose it!). It was one of those accidents where one of nooman’s friends left the key in the door, meaning that we could not open the door from the outside. A simple mistake, and kinda funny in some ways, but when you are the one who has to deal with the simple mistake, the added hassle to your day is not so funny.

Last night I had a busy schedule of teeth whitening (I will explain in a follow up blog), gym, meeting with a friend before going to watch the football (only managed the first half… crazy game!). So standing around waiting for locksmith to fix someone else’s problem was not really part of my itinerary, nor was paying out the fee in order to fix it! But in the case of an accident I guess it takes a bigger man to admit fault and a little chivalry to apologise for putting the person who is saving your bacon out… oh what happened to the days when the English man was the height of gentlemanly behaviour! Now I think they are a little too interested in their football and beer and are more than happy to have a woman mother them instead of laying the cloak at their feet so they can step over the puddle… that may be extreme… giving up your seat on the bus would suffice.

So I returned home last night to stand outside waiting for the locksmith, dying for the toilet, and worrying that it was going to be a half hour job of removing the lock before I would be able to pay the guy and relieve myself! However, the reality was a lot more sinister. When the guy turned up he spent 30 seconds looking at the door and being clear that the door was not locked, just jammed due to key on the other side. Then he looked at me and sighed… at the time my stomach flipped as I thought this was a sigh of hard strenuous work ahead of him. As it turned out it was more like a sigh of relief that this would be a simple job… and simple job it was. The guy took out a plastic sheet and swiped the door until it popped open! So exactly one minute after the guy turned up I was throwing money at the running into the bathroom freaking out over how easy it is to break into our apartment, and making a mental note to insist that Nooman bolt the door when he goes to bed after me.

By the time Nooman came home, I was already sat wearing my retainers (it’s all part of the whitening process… I’ll explain another time) trying to plan out my evening again. In the end I decided to try and watch some of the football, apparently the Champions League anthem makes for a good wedding march, and then have an early night. But as per the rest of my day, my plans did not come to fruition and I spent the night lying in my bed trying to defend myself from the Kung Fu Mosquito to no avail… and this morning have found myself covered in the itchies… I guess it could have been worse, but thankfully I woke up to find that Nooman had bolted the door shut!


David P said...

The saftey of my bacon has no connection to your being able to get in your house :p

IsraLuv said...

where the hell was the key? i do not understand how you can lock the door from the outside if the key was all the way in on the inside and then not be able to unlock it again.

Anonymous said...

The fact that that is what u did instead of comming to my party is pittyful.

u should get locked out more often to teach u a lesson...missed a great party BTW....shame on u!

channahboo said...

I am a little confused why this is so hard to understand...
israluv: the key was on the other side of the door... which clearly was not locked (and I never said it was "locked" I said we were "locked out") so we could not turn the key on the outside of the door to lock or unlock the door!

Jaqui: Yes I know on thursday night I was somewhat of a loser! Yes I know I missed out on the greatest party ever! Shame Shame Shame on me!

And Davidp: Lets not get started on your bacon! ;)