Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sleepless Nights and Mosquito Bites

The last two days have been pretty eventful, what with Israel's birthday, a day off work, and all. Tuesday night was a spent in the company of some of the coolest people I have the great priviledge of knowing, including four very non Israeli Israeli guys... Even Eli loved them! The evening began in it's usual way of turning up at Susi's to find that I had some serious catching up to do, and proceeded to glug down two glasses of vodka redbull, only realising later that while I had been drinking out of a half pint glass, the other girls had been drinking theirs from Martini glasses! Something about mass and volume. Anyway, once we had drunk the flat dry we decided to head on to the rooftop party we had heard about. The party was rammed with people, most of whom I had no clue who they were, but later discovered that the masses had come to Sin City from Jerusalem. One of the Israeli guys turned to me a little overwhelmed by all the women on heat staring at his fresh blood and said "I feel like I am in England..." I was totally offended and replied, "This isn't England dude! It's Long Island with a Katamon twist."

After going to bed at 4am, my body decided that as it was a weekday 8am was the time to get up! Despite my frustration at not being able to fall back to sleep I was a little relieved that I managed to sleep as long as 8, when usually I automatically wake up around 6 on a week day... funny, because on the weekend i can sleep all day! I proceeded to get out of bed, have a drink, watch TV, mooch around the apartment muttering under my breath, go back to bed, struggle to go back to sleep and then start the whole process again. After a few hours of this song and dance I decided that a nervous breakdown was not becoming a 26 year old, so I decided to get a grip and get up. By the time I showered and got to grips with myself, I found that I had made plans to go to a Barbeque in Herzlia and go and hang out with my buddy who I haven't seen in ages... so he agreed to walk me to my pick up point so we could do a quick catch up.

As we walked down the street Tel Aviv's smell was changing from the usual fragrance of Jasmine trying to cover up the smell of canabis that wafts out of every apartment window, to the pungeont smell of meat. Lucky, his bitch, was going crazy, running in every direction trying to grab a piece of the steak that was waving itself in her face, and pulling her owners arm out of its socket in the process. At the barbeque French girls hovered around the grill as soon as the meat was ready, so I decided to perch myself on a blanket, drink a beer (a rarity for me) and talk to anyone who wanted to make the effort. Despite the overwhelming European vibe, there were a couple of desent people wanting to chat, other than the lovelies I came with. So the afternoon floated by, as I sat in the sun and enjoyed rolling around on the blanket, laughing with two girls... with Hugh and Doron watching closely to see if things were heating up enough to take some decent/ indecent photographs.

Aching, tired and slowly gaining the meat sweats I returned from Herzlia to drink some wine and unwind with friends only thinking about my bed and how much I have missed her/ him (I haven't chosen a sex for my bed yet). But as the smell of meat began to drift out to sea and normality return to my little city of sin, the wind changed, the air moved, and the mosquitos arrived. Mosquito season has officially begun! This morning I awoke to find bites covering my body. Why is it that the little bastards always bite me in the most annoying of places; behind my knee, on my back right where my bra strap moves against my skin, in my cleavage so that everyone at work can laugh at me scratching my boobs throughout the day! Tonight I am staying up and playing out the mosquito masacre... It's them or me!! Only one of us will get out alive.


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blood, sweat and tears and all I get is 'decent'!!!