Monday, March 20, 2006

Gym, Jogging and Chicken Soup

I woke up this morning with cuts and scrapes on my hands. I have no idea what I have been doing to myself in my sleep, and cutting up my cherry tomatoes for lunch my hands were stinging from the juice. I try to remember the dreams I had and all I can recall is a dream where I am walking around the supermarket with Little Lev buying alcohol for a party, although all Lev has in her hands is 2 cans of Coke. I am not sure what relevance this has to my hands being scratched, and the hand cream I keep on my desk is running low, so I make a mental note to go to the supermarket to buy some more in my lunch break.

By 11.30am smells of people cooking their lunches (chicken today) begin to waft into my office, and all I can think about is chicken! Funny as this morning I was reading about bird flu coming to Israel, but it reminds me that I have not made chicken soup in a while. My mum managed to track down some rice noodles for me, now that I find myself wheat intolerant I have to resist my favourite Chinese noodles in favour of something wheat free, so I am thinking constantly about chicken soup and noodles. Despite Herzliah Pituach being home to some of the best restaurants in Israel, not one serves chicken soup. In fact at this time of year very few have soup at all! The supermarket near my work is pretty lacking in the fresh produce variety, so I am waiting until I get home to go raid the Dizengoff centre supermarket for leeks, carrots and chicken pieces for the soup.

Plus, my gym has finally opened next door to the supermarket, which helps me formulate a plan for myself! After work I am going to head to the gym and pick up the list of the classes, paying particular attention to the spinning and yoga classes (I am planning to do Spinning 2 to 3 times a week and Yoga 1 to 2 times). Then I will pop into the supermarket, pick up my ingredients and head home to put the soup on. While the soup cooks I am going to take a long walk by the beach and de-clutter my brain… walking has always helped me refocus and empty out my brain of irrelevant thoughts.
This way I have all my bases covered;
Mind = Walking/ Jogging, Body = Gym, Spirit = Chicken Soup
… Well it is for the soul!

Mamma Graham's Chicken Soup

Lots of Carrots
A big Leek
2 Onions (left whole)
Then any other veggies you like (celery/ parsnips etc.)
Chicken Pieces (whatever your preference)
1 table spoon Chicken Soup mix.

Cut the veggies up and throw with the chicken pieces in a big pot of boiling water.
Cover and leave to cook.
Once cooked, skim off the fat and enjoy!

Serving suggestions:
Cook a portion of noodles and place in a large soup bowl
Pour the cooked chicken soup over including lots of veggies and chicken.


ticktock said...

Hannah, you all silly americans no understand how funny all is. You go to GYM, then you go next door to Supermarket to get fat again, to go to Gym again, to then buy more food and get fat again. no wonder ALL Americans Fat. Turkish are fat AND stupid so americans not WORST in world. But not even turks wake up with bloody cut up hands and say "hey, how that happen? now i go to gym then to supermarket to get fat so taht i HAVE to go to gym. CHOW American Milk Bitch!

ticktock said...

Royal Armenian Poetry belowe:
If beating you with a rusty nail was a raindrop, I'd send you showers. If farting in your face were a second, I'd send you hours. If pissing on you brits were water, I'd send you the sea. If Tick Tock were a fat cell, i send you ALL of AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tick Tock call to all - Stop those who Oppose the Sale of children into slavery! They must be Stopped! let the children work!

Jeru Guru said...

Waking up with cuts and scrapes on your hands? Maybe you're coming down with a dose of stigmata.

channahboo said...

Ticktock... I am British! Not American, thank you very much!

Oh and FYI... how's your lovely wife?

ticktock said...

In Armenia Poligomy is not only allowed but much much respected. So not sure which wife you talk about. Sunday, Monday, Teuseday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday is just me and my FIAT MULTIPLA we ride town and look for Saturday. BYE NOW!

Anonymous said...

Someone pls do something about the clock!

channahboo said...

JG, I think you might be on to something there! I woke up with more scrapes this morning and last night I dreamt about washing my car! Maybe Stigmata is the answer....


Jeru Guru said...

Messiah? You're not the Messiah. You're just a very naughty, naughty girl ;)

elif said...

ok so did you actually get the timetable and start the classes????

channahboo said...

Of course I did!! I am going to spinning at 7.30 tonight.... I think.

channahboo said...

ok scrap that... the class has been cancelled. So I am going for a walk by the beach instead... and I have gym membership for what reason exactly?

The Ginrod said...
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The Ginrod said...

Is the Jeru Geru blog-flirting with you? Who is that guy? He's probably my Sistah from a different Mistah. I saw him sitting against the wall at Moulan's. He was eyeing you with a ten foot pole in his hand. Scandelous.

Anonymous said...
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