Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Best of This Weeks News

Pope loves his iPod
Provided by Ananova:

The Pope likes to unwind by listening to his iPod.
Pope Benedict XVI was given an iPod Nano as a present by staff at Vatican Radio.
Officials have loaded it with religious music, plus pieces by Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin.
He has been spotted around the Vatican using his iPod and distinctive white earphones.
According to The Sun a spokesman said: "He is very pleased with the iPod. The Holy Father likes to unwind listening to it and is of the opinion that this sort of technology is the future."
The Queen, President Bush and Tony Blair all own an iPod.

Story filed: 08:28 Wednesday 8th March 2006

It seems like everyone is hooked to their Ipod... I wonder what these people are listening to?
Any suggestions?

I like to imagine the Queen, turning 80 this year by the way, has the following on her playlist:

I leave the question about Bush and Blair to you!

Have a good weekend!

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