Thursday, January 12, 2006

Lust "Good Friends"

At one time or another all us girls, and even sometimes you guys, fall victim to the temptation of fancying one of your friends. (Friends of the opposite sex… or same sex depending on your preference). It is a very easy thing to happen. You are in-between boyfriends and you as a result spend more and more time with your friends… usually if you are single your male friends, so it is bound to happen that all those hormones that are not being used on a partner of some sort will be misplaced upon a male friend.

We have all been there. There are situations where telling him how you feel is the only option you have. One I definitely recommend as a sure fire way to get over it (you will find that you weren't that into it in the first place). But if you cannot tell him, if you feel that although you know in your heart he's not the one for you, but you still get that fussy feeling when he looks at you, then I recommend you take a look at my "Top Ten Tips for Getting Over Your Friend":

  1. Make other plans – be as busy as you can. And if you have nothing to do… well LIE!
  2. Go on a holiday – and if a weekend in Jerusalem is as good as it gets then so be it!
  3. Get more girlfriends – firstly, it isthe best way to meet other guys and it'll help to take your mind off this one. Go on! Go out and get drunk with the girls and flirt outrageously with a fit waiter!
  4. Get a hobby - be it the gym, or joining a book club. You need to give yourself other things to think about other than the man. Damn the man!
  5. Ban him from your house – this is a very difficult thing to do, especially if he is someone your truly enjoy hanging out with or is someone who is as dependant on you as you are on him. But you have to be strong!
  6. The psychological approach – keep repeating the words "he is not for me, he is not for me" over and over in your head when around him… it will probably not work, but at least it will block out the "god I want to kiss you" thoughts out of your head for 5 minutes.
  7. Find another male friend to lust after – well if you can't have one you might as well fantasize about another ;)
  8. Go on Jdate – whether you are looking for the love of your life or a one night stand you can find it on this website… especially if you want a bit of one night action ;)
  9. Date other guys – it doesn't matter if they are or are not your type. They are there to serve a purpose, to get you out of the house and stop you from obsessing about your friend… and who knows you might get lucky!
  10. When all else fails… get him very drunk and have your way with him!


elif said...

just out of interest...if hypothetically you were in that situation...would you follow your own top 10?????

channahboo said...

we can only try!

Anonymous said...

I blame Sandrea and that mattress...

Hope nothing's turning blue.

Dave xx

Calev said...


if you fancy Nooman you only have to tell him - am sure he'd be up for you.

did u really have a date tonight or was it you just doing number 9?

Anonymous said...

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