Thursday, January 19, 2006

3 – 2 – 1

It is not often that you are in a situation where 3 guys are all vying for your attention. It is even rarer that this should occur when you are actually interested in the three guys in question. Unfortunately in the case of Avi, Adi and Elad there was no question that my interest in them was very mediocre. Elad was not the kind of guy that I was about to give a second chance to… he had already proved his worth and it was definitely not worth the hassle responding to his messages and calls. So despite his persistence there was no way in hell that I was going to go back there, which left me with 2.

Avi/Adi/Avi/Adi/Avi/Adi…oh the confusion!

Avi was definitely more persistent. He would call every day. When I was off work ill he called to check up on how I was doing and offered to come over with chicken soup. Adi also called, on a different number to usual, and asked if there was anything he could do, but this was just the one call as opposed to Avi's many many phone calls.

So I rewarded Avi’s endeavours, and I agreed to arrange our first proper 'date'

Just to explain myself a little. I have never been a person who likes the dating scene. Meeting up with someone with the very much overrated 'first date', is my idea of hell. All the expectations; do you go out for dinner, or just for drinks; to kiss or not to kiss; make your decisions on first impressions and make a run for it when you go to the bathroom, or stick around to see if the guy might turn out not to be a shmuk? First dates are quite simply just not fun. I do not believe that I am alone in this; this is not just a "Channahism". Everyone has an idea of the 'perfect first date', but as far as I see it, this is merely a contradiction in terms! First dates suck, you know this and I know this! So let us just admit it together, in unison "FIRST DATES SUCK!"

Now here comes the part where Channah does something typically stupid!

I had made arrangements with Avi during the day, while I was at work, also chatting to Adi. Avi and I had arranged that he would meet me outside my apartment at 9pm and go out for drinks. At 8.50pm I was pretty much ready to go. Having been shouted at all my life for being "just like my mother" and "incapable of being anywhere on time", I was determined to be ready on time and not keep the poor guy waiting half an hour in the rain. As I thought I was 10 minutes early I decided to sit down with Nooman, Calev and Hugh, who had come over to the house. I got the man's opinion on my hair, make-up and clothes (from Calev obviously), and was just waiting for Avi to ring. When… Adi called!

I wasn't even going to answer the phone, but then Adi doesn't call very often and I really did want to have a chat with him, even though it was 8.55pm… ok Channah make it quick. So I picked up the phone and Adi says just 4 words, "I am waiting outside". I was so taken aback I just said "Ok, see I'll be down in a sec."

You should have seen the shock on my face! Did I arrange the date with Avi or Adi, Adi or Avi? Oh no no no no no! Channah what did you do?
There was nothing else I could do. I had to go downstairs, face the music and discover which guy I had agreed to go out with, would it be Avi or Adi?

And there waiting for me downstairs was AVI! After my initial relief that I hadn't done anything too stupid, I suddenly realised that Avi had called me from Adi's number. So maybe I had accidentally put the wrong name with the wrong number. Wait! Had I been speaking to Avi the whole time I thought I was speaking to Adi and visa versa?! This was even more confusing than I thought it would be in the beginning!

I had to convince my brain to not think about how many times I might have said something to Avi that I meant to say to Adi, or wonder if from this confusion Avi knew that there was someone else. Avi was a really great and genuine guy, I should enjoy the evening with him and not think about anything else… not even my "lust good friend".

But it was no use… I already knew that I was pretty disappointed that it was Avi who was downstairs. I mean as nice as he was, he was so not for me! The perfect on paper guy with not one ounce of sexual attraction between us! As we walked back to my place at the end of the evening I was trying to work out how I could get away without kissing him and hoping that he wouldn't try and come up stairs.

So after successfully ending things with Avi (it was short and sweet) I left myself with 1… Adi.

So to sum up, here are the events of this week with Adi:

Sunday: Broke up with Avi, he said he did not believe in being friends.
Spent all day talking on msn with Adi… he said he would call.

Monday: After not calling the night before Adi promises to make it up to me ;)

Tuesday: Adi still has not made it up to me so I take initiative and tell him that he has to take me out and spoil me!

Wednesday: Adi admits that he just got back together with an ex and wants to give it a proper go… "You are a very special girl… I still want us to be friends"

Thursday: We have as yet to hear from Adi

So in the space of a week I went from three to none
…Anyone up for getting drunk tonight!


Anonymous said...

Remember LMG, 1 in the hand is better than 2 in the bush ;o).

Dave x

p.s. sounds like you need to listen to the song of the mermaid - too bad you let her swim away...

Anonymous said...

dave - We shouldnt talk about Channah's bush

channahboo said...

oh grey pants! I so hope that my parents read this before you go to theirs for shabbat.