Monday, June 05, 2006

Where me Lucky Charms?

When I was young it felt like everything I ever wanted came so easily. I breezed through friends, boyfriends, school and life with not much of a care in the world. I felt sometimes like I had the ability to see and know how things would work out; that just because I willed things to happen they would. An old friend of mine used to claim the same thing. She would imagine the situation resulting in her own good fortune and low and behold it would transpire. We liked to think at the time that this was due to our good relationship with the Big G. I would lie in bed and will the A in my English Lit A’ Level, and despite not really revising the Big G granted me the A grade I had prayed for.

But then you get to a certain age where no matter how much you will it, it will never happen the way you planned. Everything seems to go wrong, and no matter how much you try, good luck has bid you goodbye and you are pretty much on your own wondering where all your lucky charms went!

Just when I was starting to think that I had used up all my wishes, squandered them on immature needs and desires, a friend of mine told me that her father had recently cut her off. Coming from a very wealthy family, she had never wanted for anything, and every little desire her heart could muster her doting father would provide. However, after 25 years of being daddy’s little girl he politely told his daughter that now was the time for her to spread her own wings, learn to live independently, and most importantly pay her own bills. Now to say that he cut her off would be extreme, but in the best way a father can he informed his little Jewish Princes that it was time for her to stand on her own two feet and walk her own way… he would always be there to pick her up if she fell, but the everyday step by step was up to her and her alone.

And so I see that after years and years of being carried by the Big G through life he has now; now that I have had a scar free couple of years in the holy land; now that I am pretty sorted with all the necessities of life, he has now informed me that it is time that I handled my own problems, that I have to find my own way in life. I realise that he will always be there for the serious things, but on a day to day basis I’m just gonna have to sit in the traffic of life like everyone else!

But every now and then he still throws a little treat my way… And last week it came in the form of Patrick Dempsey… I am one lucky girl!!


The Ginrod said...

psshhh. sloppy seconds. Had Pat in 2004 after a WWF match featuring China. He said the same thing. Playah.

channahboo said...

Oh don't think I won't bitch slap you for even going there girl!

Step Off Girlfriend!!

David P said...

I heard you were snapped snogging martin clunes...

channahboo said...

Never with Martin Clunes... although I might have with the Neil Morrissey in a drunken stuper... but hey so has everyone!