Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Gone Loco

So I am currently being held hostage by my work. I hate the fact that in my current job everything I do I have to wait for the approval, or the specifications from someone else! It is highly frustrating especially when you time your evening around leaving the office at 5pm, and then are told by one of the Lawyers that they have a last minute filing and that they should have the approved text by 3.30. It is no wonder that Lawyers have a reputation for being Liars because here I am at 5pm, the time I should be walking out of the door, still waiting for the approved text, or any text for that matter!

I could get angry, stomp around the office, refuse to do the filing and tell them to get one of the girls in the New York office to deal with it, but to be honest I am too tired to fight over it anymore. So instead I sit, bored out of mind, watching the clock on my desktop tick further and further into my social life, and eat further and further into my dwindling supply of patience.

The annoying thing about this happening at the end of my day, apart from the fact that it is ruining my evening plans of going to the gym, hanging out with Lexus Maximus (over from Jerusalem) before she goes to a party, and then spending the evening catching up with a friend I haven’t seen since we made cheesecakes for Shavuot,… the annoying thing is that I have already read all the usual blogs/ newspapers/ articles that I would usually read during the boring hours of my day. Now I am sat here with nothing except for a blank sheet on Word to blog my vent onto. And I apologise that you poor people have to hear my vent because I have no energy to take it out on the liars… I mean Lawyers that deserve it!

Why am I tired? Well after going to the gym last night (in my trainers because despite them being like walking on air, you just cannot run in crocs) I headed out with the JSAP and the Ginrod for a drink. A drink turned into another drink, with mixers and chasers along the way, a chicken schnitzel to make sure it all went down well and finished off with a bottle of wine. When I finally got home, way past my midweek bedtime, I then had to deal with a cockroach who wanted to dance La Cucaracha one last time before he met his maker and the bottom of my shoe.

I swept all the cockroach corpses out into the hallway, well if the Vad Bayit won’t get the building sprayed then he better watch he feet when he walks past our door to his apartment, and in any case his ugly mut of a dog could do with the extra protein. Ok dog lovers out there get over it, I love dogs too, but haven’t seen this thing… it is a rat dressed as a dog… it’s obscene! Anyway, after I swept the cockroaches out of the flat, I scanned my room, inside my sheets and under my bed for any other nasty surprises, but thankfully that was it, and finally at 2am I fell asleep, secure in the knowledge that I would be up in another 4 hours, but at least it would be a fairly easy day at work and I could enjoy a pleasant evening ahead… And look how well that is working out for me!

Actually in my boredom I just googled the song La Cucaracha, and found out that the song we used to sing in our primary school music class was not about a dancing cockroach as the illustrations in the music book and our teacher would have us believe! I knew she didn't understand Spanish!

Verse 1:
When a fellow loves a maiden
And that maiden doesn't love him,
It's the same as when a bald man
Finds a comb upon the highway.
The cucaracha,
the cucaracha
Doesn't want to travel on
Because she hasn't
Oh, no, she hasn't
Marijuana for to smoke.
Sing Along Everyone!!


DolceVita said...

Hillarious! I"m peeing myself at the idea of the cockraoch doing the cucaracha!! hahahahaha...u kill me...i must wee now.

IsraLuv said...

check out wikipedia for katamonster!