Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Eeekow Badin

After half a bottle of wine and many hours of football watching my brain is starting to hurt from the lack of action, and that is not the only part of my body that is craving some action! Only a certain amount of tension can be released from playing thumb war (peeknuckle) with a ginrod, who informs me that despite my perceptions I am not the size 4 (American stats) vixen I think I am and what makes me so loveable is my vibrant personality, wit and charm and the fact that I am apparently A class. What does this mean? Well it means that as opposed to these other girls who get what they want without batting an eyelid (or maybe just flashing a little cleavage), I have to wait for the dumb shmuck to realize that while being friends is great, ultimately we all want to be able to cuddle up to someone warm at night… other than nooman. Meanwhile my JSAP (Jewish South African Princess), otherwise known as the Dolce Vita, informs me that if he ain’t made a move by now Eeekow Badin… hmmmmm not so sure about that one!

Sitting in the office, bored by the work you are doing, allows your mind to wander. You can sit and obsess over the irrelevancies in your life, such as above, or you can partake in some productive or not so productive activities.

Some websites to while the hours away:

Celeb Lookalike

Celeb Match

Grey's Anatomy Personality Test

So at the end of a productive morning in the office I discovered that I look 66% like Yasmine Bleeth, I personality wise am 66% like Meredith Grey, and am 99% compatible with Rodger Federer. Maybe I am more of the stunning vixen than the ginrod gave me credit for!


Anonymous said...


This whole link thing - it just seems like you are copying noomans blog.

I find it hard to beleive that anyone would choose to copy nooman.

Whats going on here???


channahboo said...

What you mean copying nooman's blog?

1. Nooman doesn't write anything on his blog.
2. If you check back you'll see I regularly link from my blog (remember Lindsay Lohan's nipple?)
3. The major difference that I don't pretend to put witty or clever links on my blog... my links are for when you are suicidaly bored.
4. And finally if I were going to copy nooman I would surely have filmed myself doing the robot and put it on youtube!

But thanks Greeny... FYI your ideal celebmatch is 100% Neha Dhupia. Apparently she is a big Bollywood star... never heard of her, bug google her... she's fit! Oh and you got 98% Emma Bunton... hmmmmmmm well you can't have them all!

channahboo said...

Oh and Greeny I forgot to add that if you were interested in the same sex... your ideal match would be Macaulay Culkin ....

Well I always thought you an Michael Jackson had a lot in common ;)

Anonymous said...

I think I have hit a raw nerve.

Your comments about my celebmatch partners are funny (I did used to like Emma Bunton when I was 15), but suggest you seem worried about the success of noomans blog.

Is your apartment only big enough for one blogger?

Why isnt noomans blog on your blogroll??

I notice you didn't include the link to his blog on your previous post either...

Something very fishy here, anything your readers should know about?


channahboo said...

Look at you and your conspiracy theories!

Maybe you will find the missing clue when you stay at my flat this weekend while I am away… just make sure you respect that we have a no snogging on the couch policy, and no-one gets booty in my bed but me! And that includes any rough and tumble that goes on with you and nooman!

skotch said...

crap, i'm a 75% match to bailey, it's so true that i want to cry...