Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

No I have not been in hiding, living in a bomb-shelter, or run back to England… although the idea of shopping in England appeals right about now! The reason for my silence is due to an incident that happened on Friday morning… and before I begin there was no alcohol involved!

So the story begins the night before, when I spent much of the evening baking a big yummy chocolate cake for a certain Ginrod’s birthday brunch the next day. After letting the thick chocolate icing set in the refrigerator, I spent the moments before sleep piping on white lettering wishing her a Happy Birthday! Ok so it was not perfect, but as I am no professional, I think I did a damn good job anyway. And in any event, in the case of chocolate cakes it is definitely what’s inside that counts!

On Friday morning I awoke unusually early for me on a weekend, as I had promised to get to her apartment early to help set up, I showered, tried to get my hair under control, got dressed, and set out with the cake under wraps. As Ginrod’s place is only a 10 minute stroll from my place I decided that I would walk, even though I was nervous about dropping the cake… I admit I have my clumsy moments!

So I am reaching the half way point and notice the manager of the charity housing on my street was washing down the pavement, paying little attention to myself and my cake, and spraying my trousers in the process. So to save the rest of my clothing I decided to hop onto the road. As I came up to the pedestrian crossing I saw that the water was flowing in the direction I was walking and was now no longer on the pavement, but had created a river down the street I had to cross over to get to the other side…

The traffic lights turn red, the green man flashes up, and I step out onto the road… one step… two steps… my left croc slides over the water… I try to regain balance by putting my left knee forward and the result is my left knee crashing to the ground… my right foot twisting underneath my body… The cake slides down my left arm, and I reach out to grab the plate it is on with my left and right hands. Success!!! The cake did not fall to the ground! But as I have no hands to balance myself, I am using the big toe on my left foot to avoid falling flat on my face, or face in cake…

It felt like an eternity of playing status in the middle of Frishman Street, people walking past me as if I wasn’t there. Eventually I got up, and hobbled to the other side of the road… my knee throbbing, but the good news was the CAKE SURVIVED!! (Woo Hoo!! Rockstar Applause!!!)

The bad news was that my right foot didn’t, and after arriving at the party and covering up my pain with lots of alcohol, I was carried home only to find that getting to the loo required a lot of upper body muscles and a great deal of sliding around the floor on my bottom. So in short, for the last few days I have been following doctors orders and keeping my leg elevated so that I can walk like a normal human being in time for Thursday night… Doctor has also said no drunkenly disorderly behaviour that might lead to dancing and damaging my ankle further… A quote pops into my mind…

“Dancing and sports are just a vertical expression of a horizontal desire…”

Anyway, I got back to work today, to be approached by a work colleague who I barely know; who I actually discovered is related to me by marriage, who apparently had a dream about me over the weekend! She said that she had a Cinderella meets Joseph type dream about me, at a party, in a magical, multicoloured (Joseph), very thinning (I think that was the magical part of it) dress that my mother had made. She said that as I walked into the party she told me how beautiful I looked, and I graciously thanked her and told her it was because of my magical dress my mother made for me.

She then told me that as I walked into the party, everyone turned to stare in awe (that is the Cinderella part)… I have no idea what the dream means, but I kinda like it! My work colleague is now my best friend, and finding out from her mother, who is gifted in dream deciphering, what it could mean… any suggestions?

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DolceVita said...

Yes, it means youre getting married! (im soooo clever)