Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Baby Boom Boom… oh yeah baby!

I am really interested in the current situation and the effects that it is having on people’s hormone levels. As mentioned in a previous blog, everyone I know is horny at the moment, and this has nothing to do with whether they have or haven’t been getting any recently. Everyone I come into contact with at the moment is talking about, praying for, or having lots of sex! It cannot go ignored that all of this is occurring around a time of war. The traditional outcome of all wars, win or lose, is a baby boom. It makes sense that after being at war soldiers will come home with an urge to settle down, bye a station wagon and make babies with the woman they had left behind. Equally on the other hand, the women will be more than eager to oblige as their men have finally returned! You see it is a win win situation.

“After the war, what happens? Soldiers return home, settle down, start families and buy station wagons? Sociologists would say that this is why Baby-booms occur…” (Unknown Author)

The there is the theory that our human instinct dictates that we should reproduce, and that therefore after a war, where there are many causalities, we have a natural instinct or urge to make up numbers. Seriously! It is not something we are consciously aware of, well except for sociologists who seem to be consciously aware of everything, but we do appear to like to keep the natural balance on the ‘natural’ demographics.

There is another theory posed by certain mystical groups that suggest that during the wars the souls of those killed come back home with the wounded and honoured soldiers to be reborn.

“The War/Baby-Boom relationship is just a single example of the cyclic balance between life, death and rebirth, between creative forces and destructive forces, between this world and the afterworld.”

So according to this theory the baby boom occurs because the souls of the dead want to be our children… I can just imagine our dead pouring back into Israel fighting over who they want to be their mothers and fathers! It is a little crazy for me, but I certainly don’t like to knock any theory… no matter how far fetched.

Anyway, in all my research (I have spent hours today checking this out!) I have not seen one word with regard to the effects of the “pre-war” hype on baby booms. I mean in as much as we are entering into a war with, well I shudder to think how far this may go, but let’s just say in comparison with other wars, we are still only at the beginning of this thing called war, surely the origin of the war too affects the outcome of baby boom. I have heard over and over again of women receiving calls and text messages out of the blue from men they have not spoken to in ages, calling for a booty call… why? Well they could just be horny, or it could be due to the fact that any moment these men could be called up
to the army and fight for their country. It is somewhat in the same spirit of the “Let’s do it for our country” scene in Grease 2… these guys want to get their end in before they end up in Lebanon!

And it is not just the men! I know not one woman at the moment who would not be eager to partake of some easy lovin’ with the right kind of guy. Now sitting with some of the women of my office we have come up with many theories as to how this could be:

1. Government Conspiracy – to repopulate the country either through:
i. Chemicals planted in large cities with a large young demographic ie Tel Aviv
ii. Something in the water – aphrodisiacs in the water
iii. Playing mushy love songs on the radio to encourage some snuggling up
iv. It is damn hot! heat = removing clothes = sex.

2. Natural Phenomenon :
i. Well as we as humans naturally need to repopulate we are naturally giving off pheromones and endorphins which encourage sexual activity (yo I am no doctor… ok I am ;))

3. We are just so scared that we might die that we wanna have one last great…

4. They finally discovered the drug to make any woman easy and are testing it in Israel!

In truth there is probably no connection between the war and the recent hormonal burst I have noticed around the city… but it is certainly something to think about… well… other than other things… did everyone notice the appearance of Smyth Jared on my blog yesterday? ;)

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DolceVita said...

enough talk boys! i want to see some action!!
i defo think there is something in the water here in Tel -Aviv...I have been feeling the side effect at full force!