Sunday, April 16, 2006

Deconstruction of the Ego - By a Wanton Harlot

I realised that there is no good way to tell a guy that he has stomped all over your heart without coming across as a jealous ex.

No matter how you do it; Text messages have too little wording and lead to miscommunications and arguments, the phone is never a good idea when you are emotional because trying to control your tears is interpreted as long pauses of anger which results in more miscommunications and arguments, Face to Face you just end up smiling at each other and not being as direct and assertive as non face to face communication gives you the freedom to be… which leads me to the email.

Writing an email is a seriously therapeutic thing. You can write down every emotion that the fool has made you feel. You can reword it, pass it around your friends for their input and reword it again, but no matter how many times you do this, or how many days you let it wait before sending it, you always come off sounding like a jealous Ex.

We as girls want to make sure that the guy in question knows how much he has hurt us, used us, got under our skin and lied to us some more, but the truth is that in as much as he should know all of this, be brought to justice and face his wrong doings as it were, there is no point, because guys will always read the letter/ email and think "poor jealous cow".

Lets be honest here for a moment. All us girls ever want is to be loved. It doesn't matter if we are not interested in the guy. But there comes a point where a guy who says he loves you as a friend, wants to spend all his time with you, and is most definitely attracted to you by virtue of the random booty calls you receive from him, has to fall in love with you! It is the way these things work! Every guy wants a girl who is his best friend that he fancies… doesn't he?

So read between the lines. Cut all the bullshit and the sugar coating "it's not you, it's me" before you go bed hopping into some other girls bed who is half the girl that I am and just tell me "Why didn't you love me?"

And a little PS to he who looks down from above: Why could it not be me who made the "I have something important to tell you… I have a boyfriend… I'm sorry", phone call. Just once Hashem I would like it to be me!!


Jeru Guru said...

When you find your beshert you will realise that this guy was never meant to be. Unless he turns out to be your beshert in which case he was.

channahboo said...

Dude you missed the point... he was never a beshert!

"All us girls ever want is to be loved. It doesn't matter if we are not interested in the guy."

The Ginrod said...

oh fudge it. i'm bored- do you want to start a revolution? We have to pick our team colors first. I suggest we buy our armor at American Apparel. We are not unloved- we are just uber passionate and slightly near sided. and smell. girls smell.

channahboo said...

Ok... But no yellow. I can wear any colour other than yellow... it makes me look ill!

But pondering what you wrote I am thinking of my next blog... "The Passion of the Wanton Harlot"... it'll be epic! Mel Gibson is directing...