Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Rae of Light

I would not normally do this, but I make an exception for a fellow Leodiensian (Leeds Lass), and a good old friend of mine; a Corinne Bailey Rae. She has been labelled by the British Press as the next Billy Holiday, the next big thing to come out of English music, and as we used to hang in Allerton High school I am very very proud of her.

She is entering the UK charts this week with her beautiful song Put Your Records On at number 3 (that is what they are saying today). So check it out!

Good Luck Corinne!!!


channahboo said...

Just a little update for you all. Yesterday, on Corinne's birthday she entered the UK charts at NO. 2! Only being Pipped to the post by Madonna!

Congratulations Corinne!!!!

p.s. her album comes out today... so people check it out!

channahboo said...

Another Update for ya'll!!

Today Corinne's Album went into the UK Album charts at Number 1!

My copy is on its way over from England!