Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Somewhere over… where?

This morning there was rain… rain with blue skies and fresh green smells all the way to work. After a night of strange dreams fuelled by amber nectar and whispering fairies, I awoke wide eyed seconds before my alarm went off. I made my lunch, showered, brushed my teeth and dressed for another busy day at work. On the way down the coast towards Herzlia the rain showed reflections of cars on the road, while the taillights caused little red trails that I followed to my destination. Even the traffic lights shine brighter in the wet and illuminate the sky as I speed under the amber flashing.

In the office my computer is dull compared to the mass colour activity occurring outside my window. The clouds are coming in from the direction of the black sea, swallowing the blue skies in its path, and I know that soon all the colours will be gone and it will be another grey day of this season of rain. But then I see colour flash in front of my screen and I see in between my building and the office building ahead a rainbow. A thick bright rainbow that seemed to come out of nowhere, but was definitely leading somewhere. They say that at the end of a rainbow is a pot of gold. Well at the end of this rainbow was the non-kosher supermarket that sells pork. They also say that somewhere over the rainbow ‘skies are blue’, but on the other side of the rainbow there are only grey skies.

But I still hold out the hope that somewhere over the rainbow all the dreams that I dare to dream will one day come true.

Have a good day people!

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